Host an exhibit with us!

For businesses and events. 

The Sandbar Art Studio hosts traveling art exhibits of all themes and mediums. We proudly partner with businesses and events, creatively designing the perfect exhibit for the occasion and location.  Our experienced team works with artists locally and internationally, hand-picking unique, one-of-kind artworks to create the intended atmosphere. 

Why host an exhibit?

Art exhibits are a fun and magical way to bring people together. There is art to fit every mood and setting - therefore exhibit styles are limitless!

Trying to create an upbeat and new-age  atmosphere? A modern contemporary  or  graffiti art exhibit may be for you! Or maybe you're trying to  take your guests to another place and time - maybe a renaissance or mythology themed exhibit!

  Art exhibits help businesses and events bring in guests or customers of a wider variety.  These exhibits allow us to connect artists from all over the world to people who would potentially value and enjoy their work. Its a win-win!

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