The Land of Dreams

Fantasy Art Exhibit

Debuting at The Ohio Fairy Gardening Festival,

June 19th 2021


Event Overview 

We will be hosting our most magical exhibit yet, allowing artists at all levels in their art career from all over the world to display, sell and enjoy fantasy art. We will be accepting a multitude of art mediums, detailed below.

Our magical 1600SQFT exhibit will feature a projector-screen-show about the artists, a live canvas painter, body painter and a dreamy, fairy-like atmosphere. As fairy and fantasy lovers from near and far gather at The Ohio Fairy Gardening Festival, our exhibit will be gallery-style, nestled right inside the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce in the center of the festival.

A special thanks to Julie Colie and Meeghan Humphrey for their help in making our event possible.

The Art

Let your creative wings fly as we celebrate fantasy and fairytale art from all cultures. Fairies, mermaids, dragons and woodland creatures are welcomed. We welcome all fantasy, mythology, folklore and fairytale subjects. Sprinkle some magic dust on your paint brushes, pens or whatever your medium of choice is and get to work! 

We will not be allowing art that contains violence, sexual content or anything that would not be appropriate for a family event, many little eyes will be present.

Not sure if your piece is appropriate? Reach out to a Sandbar staff member through the Quickchat feature on our website and we will be glad to help you out!

  • All Paint

  • Graphite/Ink

  • Digital Illustrations

  • Photo work

  • Select Handmade Decor

Giant Octopus

Accepted Mediums


Exhibiting Info

Artists do not have to be present at the festival to exhibit. We welcome artists internationally.

Art can be shipped in - any art that is not sold or donated will be shipped back to the artists the following day.

Artists will be able to exhibit and sell their work with NO COMMISION TAKEN from TSAS.

Purchasers will check out directly via the artists online store/TSAS online store if the artist does not have an online store. Funds will be payed to the artist from TSAS. We charge a solid $10 exhibition/sell fee which covers all art the artist wishes to sell at the exhibit. We do not charge selling fee per piece.

With each original art piece and/or up to 5 prints can be included to sell.

This fee will not be charged until your application to exhibit is approved. Application fee of $7 will be charged to exhibitors/sellers (which will NOT be charged per piece) to pay TSAS staff for the valuable time and hard work they are putting in to coordinate the event.

We will be offering a select number of spots to exhibit for free, all fees waived, in turn of donating your art to the Ashtabula Art Center, who is helping make our event possible.


Applications are now closed.

Please wait while we put the finishing touches on our online gallery and decide on our final pieces...

Check out our online Land of Dreams Gallery here!