Brittni Barranco

Ohio, USA

Meet Brittni Barranco

Hello Everyone! My name is Brittni Barranco also known as Brittni Bee Art and I am an Ohio based artist who creates magical illustrations and paintings of animals and nature. My favorite toys as a child were my coloring books and box of crayons. I absolutely loved to color and draw, and I knew I wanted to create art for the rest of my life. Growing up in the culturally vast atmosphere of New York City has influenced my passion for the visual arts and culture. I am inspired by folklore and legends from around the world. Most of my ideas come from daydreams with a cup of tea in my hand! I work in various mediums including acrylics, ink, watercolors, colored pencils and markers. I am currently working on illustrations for the upcoming holiday season and I am pursuing my M.A. in Art Therapy.

Little Red Riding Hood